Consulting Services Focused on Protecting Vulnerable Populations

At Ruiz Consultants, we specialize in fighting elder abuse and empowering individuals.

Through consulting, case review, and expert witness testimony, we assist with cases involving elder abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault.


Elder Awareness

Prevention, detection, and reporting of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. Formation of elder initiatives such as; TRIAD, Elder Death Review Team, summits, and much more.



Domestic Violence

Prevention and detection of child maltreatment, partner assault, youth violence, and suicide.



Sexual Assault

Guidance on the impact of sexual abuse, recovery, and prevention.


Self-Defense Empowerment

Personal, home, and business security; classroom instruction and/or hands-on training available.



Elder Abuse Awareness and Education.

Sexual Assault Prevention through Classes and Specialized Training

Self-Defense Empowerment

Mission Statement:

Empowering citizens to realize their potential through advanced knowledge and personal coaching with a strong focus on safety.

Vision Statement:

  1. To be a premier educator, mentor, and advocate for equality.
  2. To enrich quality of life through collaboration, instruction, and inspiration.
  3. To provide innovative resources for improved prevention and intervention strategies.
  4. To deliver realistic client safety solutions.